How to Expand Your Business Following with Facebook

Expand Your Business Following with Facebook

Your business may have a solid marketing strategy, but are you an effective Facebook marketer? There are over 30 million active small business pages on Facebook, so how will yours get noticed? Can you successfully turn one follower into 1,000?

If you’re having trouble expanding your following with Facebook, take a look at these four creative methods that’ll help you convert likes into sales.



1. Analyze Your Advertising Efforts

Through the admin panel of your page, or the Adverts Create Tool, you can create simultaneous marketing campaigns all within your budget. The benefit of Facebook advertising initiatives is that it tracks not only your customers’ responses in real figures, but also allows you to examine what works so that you can alter your efforts accordingly.

2. Take Advantage of Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search enables you to learn more about your followers and potential customers through other pages they have liked. This information leads you to pools of like-minded individuals who you can focus on targeting.

3. Add a Facebook “Like” Button Wherever Possible

You don’t need to be a coding genius to embed a button on your website. Chances are, the person visiting your website is one of the 864 million who are already logged into Facebook that day, and may be inclined to click a like button, earning you a quick follower.

4. Unite Your Channels

Keep all of your social-media accounts on the same digital page by enabling integration, allowing you to post an image on Instagram that will automatically publish through your Twitter account. Save effort and promote your Facebook page concurrently.



By doing these simple tasks, you will have taken a step in the right direction to creating an effective Facebook marketing strategy. Remember, Facebook is constantly adding new ways for businesses to gain exposure and reach potential customers, so keep as updated as possible. If you’re looking for help creating an effective marketing strategy through your socials, call us at DMA Solutions!

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