What is SEO, is it necessary? Well, it’s important to keep track of your sites performance, as user behavior and search engine algorithms are constantly changing. At DMA we will continuously analyze your data to identify successes and what needs improvement. If you’re looking to increase organic traffic, see your site on top in search results and increase the amount of leads from your website take a look at our package options to find the best fit for your business.

Our SEO Process
Tracking Key Metrics

Review of your current accounts or set up a new account to track your  key metrics in; Google Analytics, Google Search Console, proprietary tools incorporating additional data sources, key metrics tagging and customization to include your sales and growth data.

Determine Your

We will provide ideas that will generate leads/sales, long term strategy and immediate impact on your ranking. Packages include subscription fee, # of months, # of keywords.

SEO Booster
For Beginners
3 month subscription fee
5 keywords

Google Analytics set up

10 unique blog posts

most popular plan
SEO Value
(for professionals)
6 month subscription fee

10 keywords

Google Analytics setup

Info graphic creation & marketing

20 unique blog posts
(for businesses)
9 month subscription fee

15 keywords

Google Analytics setup
Info graphic creation & marketing
HTML & Internal links optimization
30 unique blog posts