Boost Your Rankings on Google

How to Help Boost Your Rankings on Google

Organic search results are constantly changing due to changes within Google’s algorithm as well as new emerging content. Keeping up with real-time algorithm results and updates can become an exhausting task, but a necessary one. So what should you and your team do if you find a consistent drop in your websites search rankings?

Here are some tips to evaluate and execute updates to your site to improve results.


Is Your Site Responding?

This may seem obvious, but many people don’t even realized when their computers are pulling up cached versions of their website when entering their URL into their computer. Run a 200 Status Code check to ensure that your site is communicating properly. If you receive a 404 error or 420 error, then the site page is not communicating properly. You’ll need to reach out to your webmaster to determine if this is a DNS issue or some other problem.

Check Your Metas

If your Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions have become stagnant, it may be time to audit your website to update these items that are not converting into site visitors.

Do You Have a H1 Tag on Your Page?

H1 Tags tell Google’s algorithm what your website is actually about. This is usually a heading on each page that summarizes what your page’s content is relevant to. If your page only has H2 Tags, you may be missing out on a critical piece of SEO that has become important with the latest algorithm changes. Also, be sure that you only have ONE H1 Tag per page.

Check Your Google Search Console

Googles free search console tool is great for website owners to monitor and detect irregularities with ease. Use this tool to view site errors, URL errors and any other crawling issues that may have occurred with your website. This will enable you to create 301 redirects and disavow any pages that aren’t existent on your site.

Check Your Sitemap

Within Google’s Search Console, you can also submit and view your website’s sitemap for up to date information regarding what pages have been recognized by Google. If you’ve recently added pages to your website, it’s essential you submit your sitemap again to nudge Google to revisit your website. This also goes for any updates to 301 redirects as well.


Review Any Recent Site Changes

Have you recently redesigned your website? Did your website recently revamp its content or change what content is on the homepage? These can all cause drops in results and may need to be evaluated for items that need to be reverted back or how your team can repurpose the content for better results.


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